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Underfloor Heating for Home Renovations and New Construction

Underfloor heating is an effective way to warm up any room of your house especially if you live in a cold climate. This system is installed under the floor and is a very good way to warm up the house. This method helps regulate the temperature in drastic climates. Choosing a perfect underfloor heating company is very important while renovating or constructing your new house.

 Before installing underfloor heating in your house, it’s necessary to know more about this method to avoid any kind of complications. The choice of a better underfloor heating company is as necessary as choosing the quality of other materials during the construction of a new house. No one wants to compromise the safety of their house. Here’s a guide that you need to know before installing the underfloor heating equipment in your home.


Introduction to Underfloor Heating and its types: 

Underfloor heating involves two main methods. One method is by electrically heating the floor with the help of cable while the other is heating with the help of hot water. 

Heating with electric mats and cables is more practical and less messy than the hot water distribution process.

Electric underfloor heating is done by laying the foundation of electric equipment under the floor. The cables that are to be heated are spread under the flooring of the room. Which is later on followed by putting tiles on top of it. When the system is being turned on, the cables under the floor heat up and supply the floor with the required heat. Just as the floor starts heating us, it distributes the heat evenly to the room’s environment making the room warm and cozy. 



One of the most important things that you need to know is that the rooms in which you are wishing to install an underfloor heating system should be insulated. Insulation keeps the heat that is being generated by underfloor heating within the room. In case of no insulation, the heat will elope the room right after being released from the floor into the environment. 

This cancels the advantage of the heating system in your room as it’ll stay cold because of the heat leaving the room due to no insulation. For buying insulation boards and insulation equipment, you should find a very reliable and efficient company. 

Warm Style company provides a variety of many kinds of equipment required in underfloor heating.


Suitable flooring: 

Before installing underfloor heating, you must finalize the flooring you want for your room. It is important to note that if the type of flooring goes well with underfloor heating or not. Some kinds of flooring are not suitable for underfloor heating and hence, it ends up blocking the transfer of heat from underfloor heating mats to the room’s environment. 

If you are choosing the right underfloor heating company with professional staff, you can figure out the right kinds of flooring to install in your room with no effort. 


Heating system with smooth working: 

A home is a place where everyone likes to spend a relaxing time. Homes shouldn’t be noisy because this can cause disturbance to one’s peace. Some underfloor heating systems cause a lot of noise and it results in noise pollution. To avoid such huss, you should focus on the quality of the types of equipment and you should choose a system that works smoothly. 


The good Electricity system in the house: 

The underfloor heating system is one the things that may add up burden or extra load on the already existing electric load of the house. To avoid any kind of harm related to an electrical malfunction in the house, you should get the system checked. A professional electrician can easily figure out the chances of electrical malfunctions if there are any. Electrical malfunctions can lead to serious consequences. Hence, an underfloor heating system should not be installed in an unattended electric system. 

Different mats for different surfaces: 

It’s quite an understood thing that the same mats don’t go under different kinds of surfaces/ floors. There are different kinds of mats for woodwork and different ones for tiles. Choose the kind of mats according to your need. 

Moreover, Warm Style Underfloor Heating company offers a whole variety of mats and cables to use under various kinds of floors. Moreover, this company also provides woodwork or floor work after installing the underfloor heating system. 


The thermostat is an important part of any heating system as it controls the temperature of the heating system. Don’t forget to get your underfloor heating system a suitable thermostat. It avoids any kind of inconvenience regarding the temperatures. If you live in a country where temperatures change quickly, you can understand the need for a thermostat. There are many kinds of thermostats available in the market. But you’ve to choose a thermostat that is compatible with your chosen underfloor heating system. In this era of modernity, touch-feature thermostats are being released for sale. Touch thermostats are easy to use. 


Warm Style Underfloor Heating company sells good touch thermostats. You can find a desired thermostat on warm style’s website. 


The safety level of your chosen system: 

Heating devices operate with electricity. In worse cases, any malfunction can lead to fire or overheating in the room. This may lead to serious complications. It’s good for you to ensure the safety level of the system you’re dealing with. Electric mats and cables with good quality don’t result in hazardous results or malfunctions. Is it encouraged to use equipment and material of good quality? 



One of the most important things in this guide is to note the guarantee of the system being purchased. Buy a system from a company that keeps its word and is reliable. Reliable companies offer warranties for their work. Think smart, if you want to avoid any scam or fraud, but a system with warranty from a reliable company. For example, Warm Style Underfloor Heating company is a reliable company and was based in 2007. 


Suitable cost according to your budget: 

You must finalize your budget beforehand. Once you know your budget, you can easily figure out what company can fit in with the costs you can afford. In this era of inflation, it’s difficult to find cheap and worthy types of equipment. Electric underfloor heating systems can be costly but in the long run, they are very affordable. You should surf the website of such a company that offers its products at a wide range of prices. 


Surface area: 

Choosing a surface area of electric mats for the respective room is one problem for new customers. If you are installing an underfloor heating system in your house for the very first time, you should consult with a company with professional staff to guide you about what you want and how much of the products will be enough for your desired room. Also, keep that in mind, you should buy products with specific surface areas and diameters to adjust your place, this avoids wastage of material. 


Places where you can use it: 

The Underfloor Heating system can not be installed anywhere. Places, where heavy furniture or bathtubs are fixed, serve as a bad place for installing heating systems underneath them. This can result in damage to the tubs or furniture. Moreover, it can affect the working of the system as well. 



Underfloor Heating systems like any other system require maintenance. If you are thinking of installing such a system, make your mind ready to maintain it from time to time. 

You can also contact a good company for such a purpose. An efficient company maintains everything with efficiency. 


Understanding of time in the process: 

Installation of such a system in your house isn’t as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of time and patience. That may take up a lot of days, so be aware of the time this may take. 


Blending in of the system with already existing conditions: 

Make sure the underfloor heating system to be installed in your house blends well with the already existing conditions. For example, if you’re using any kind of solar panels or other renewable resources, make sure it blends well with them and doesn’t cause any trouble. If you already have a heating system, make sure it does well with the new heating system. 


Matching the aesthetics: 

These days, smart homes are in trend. When you’re looking for heating system installation in your home, make sure goes well with the house. Choose the tiles and mats that don’t create a mess in your house. Keep the maintenance of aesthetics of your house by choosing a system that blends well with it. 



This blog contains all the information that you need as a guide before installing an underfloor heating system in your room or a new house. 


Check every single detail beforehand to avoid complications and choose a good company to assist you with buying good products and installation. It’s essential to choose a good company for their service. From buying to installing the underfloor heating system in your house, everything counts on the company being trusted. A good company serves good quality products as well as provides you with a professional team of workers that assist you with the installation of the system in your house. They work professionally and guide you about the cons and pros of whatever you’re dealing with. Choose a reliable company with a professional attitude. 


I hope this blog answers all the required questions if you are installing an underfloor heating system for the first time in your house.

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